Storm Water Drainage

Storm Water Drainage would be implemented in Guwahati and Dibrugarh. Storm Water Drainage in Dibrugarh would be implemented under Project 1 and Storm Water Drainage in Guwahati will be implemented under Project 2. Dibrugarh Drainage Improvement subproject covers (i) de-silting and lining of a 9.515-kilometer portion of the Dibrugarh Town Protection (DTP) dyke drain; (ii) construction of 386-meter diversion channel in two stretches; (iii) demolition of existing narrow culverts and replacement by wide new culverts and a bridge; and (iv) demolition of an old narrow sluice gate and construction of a new wider sluice gate. Construction work is already commenced in 2014 and will be completed in approximately 36 months.

The drainage improvement subproject will benefit the citizens of Dibrugarh in the following ways: (i) improved environment, living condition, and public health in Dibrugarh; (ii) reduced household healthcare cost due to flooding and water logging problems; (iii) reduced man-days lost due to water logging and flooding; (iv) reduced temporary resettlement cost due to flooding; (v) reduced annual cost of protection measures from flooding; (vi) reduced annual agricultural loss; and (vii) reduced road maintenance cost.

Guwahati Drainage Improvement subproject will improve storm water drainage system of South Guwahati and reduce artificial flooding and water logging in the area. The subproject will cover approximately 260 square kilometers under Guwahati Metropolitan area including about 65 square kilometers of adjacent new towns. The subproject will be executed under Tranche 2, construction period is 36 months, and the estimated cost is $40 million.

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