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In order to enhance the environmental aspects and sustainable economic growth potential of Assam, it was felt necessary to improve the major urban services, such as water supply, storm water drainage and solid waste management to improve the health of the urban population in the two largest cities namely Guwahati and Dibrugarh, and to drive the economic growth in Assam. Read more

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I am happy to note that the Assam Urban Infrastructure Investment Program (AUIIP) under Government of Assam has launched its website. This website provides useful information for all the stakeholders and citizens of Program towns. The Program will facilitate in creating healthier, productive and better quality of life for the people of the Program town, especially, improvement of water supply and storm water drainage system in Guwahati and storm water drainage and solid waste management system in Dibrugarh. Water supply is the key instrument in reducing poverty, improving livelihoods, and promoting economic growth. Under the Program, the focus will be for providing safe, potable, piped, assured water supply system in the South East Guwahati. Read more

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